Forex Copytrade for Traders and Managers

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For Traders

FXPremax proudly presents to you best social copier program in the market. If you are a newbie to Forex or having busy and eventful life and have no time to spend monitoring charts you can start enjoying effortless trading with our Copier Program. Just simply choose a manager whose strategy and trading makes you feel the best and start copying him! Please follow the steps of the Guidance to register as an Investor.

For Professional Money Managers

If you feel secure about your trading and want not only to trade but to make extra profit from commissions you may become a manager in FXPremax Copytrade Network. As soon as you join the Copytrade Network your nickname will be displayed in the rating spreadsheet below. Your ranking will be updated according to your trading success. TOP 10 Managers are also displayed at the home page on the website. To join please click the button “Become a Manager”. Please follow the steps of the Guidance to register as a Manager. 

*Commission is instant and automatically accumulated in Manager Account. Please note Manager commission is based on Profit/Loss of total positions.

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