Trading on the STP accounts client can use advantage of instant order execution and direct connection with the liquidity pools. Best Forex STP broker provides benefits to traders like narkets execution with the best available prices. FXPremax has a wide range of STP accounts, with the minimum possible spreads together with the fixed spread account.

When trading in the high risk market is very important to make a choice of the right broker, which will guarantee accurate order execution. FXPremax is forex STP broker offering most optimal trading conditions for novice and experienced traders. Opening STP account in FXPremax will guarantee market orders execution with the best available price.

Open STP account

best forex stp broker

STP accounts are compatible with the Expert Advisers making STP trading extreme attractive and profitable.

Trading on STP accounts, customer is guaranteed interfering in the process of trading by employees of the company. All operations are carried out in real time and at the best possible rates, which are available from the biggest liquidity providers.