Interest Profit Bonus

Receive 50 USD interest to your account every month!


  1. Promotion Starts on 01.01.2019
  2. Client must  deposit funds in the same MT4 account in the amount of not less than 5000 USD (deposits – withdrawals).
  3. Client must maintain balance of 5 000 USD during the period of one month to participate in the Interest Profit Bonus.
  4. Internal transfers and Bonuses/Cashback are not counted as funded deposit.
  5. Client must have a minimum of 5 standard lots traded per month.
  6. In case if client’s balance goes below 5 000 USD Interest Profit will not be accumulated into his account for the period of last month.
  7. 100% Bonus accounts are not included in this promotion, all other types of accounts can participate.

Client can withdraw Interest profit or other profits from his account in anytime and still participate in next round if the account is  still meeting the promotion T&C.