FXPremax clients are in the unique position to earn an additional profit through the developed and mutually beneficial partner program.

The advantageous IB commission will be regularly added to your account, if you sign up for the introducing broker. The comfortable, simple and clear form of registration and receipt of profit distinguishes our services favorably in the area of development of partner relations among our customers.

Each client of the FXPremax company will be able to pass on his experience and knowledge to the partners trading FOREX with FXPremax . The high IB commission at the same time is transferred into his account from each transaction which is carried out by the attracted participants – referrals. In so doing both, the client and his partners, equally benefit from all the advantages of our company, all the technical means and the entire information base facilitating the work in the market.
ib commission

Each FXPremax client will be able to register online in an instant as an IB through his Trader Cabinet. From the trades performed by the attracted clients IB will be getting instant commission.

Attraction of new traders by successful IBs provides an opportunity to receive high additional income, to ensure the training of qualified participants of the financial market. In turn, FXPremax provides full technical and informational support to development of partner programs, guarantees the receipt of a permanent income by all participants of transactions.