Receive 100% BONUS in 3 EASY STEPS


Deposit from 100$ to 6000$ and receive 100% BONUS to your trading account.

Contact our support team to notify on your new deposit and willingness to participate in 100% Bonus Promotion and we will credit your account asap. 100% Bonus can be used as additional margine and equity.

Terms and Conditions

1. 100% Bonus Promotion is valid until announced otherwise.

2. By receiving 100% Bonus client accepts T&C of this promotion.

3. 100% Bonus will be expired and nullified from the client’s MT4 account after 1 month from being added to this account. In case if the client’s balance/equity after or during 1 month from being added to his/her Bonus Account is less than the initial 100% Bonus amount credited to his account, the remaining balance will be nullified from his/her trading balance. (The Bonus Account balance cannot be in “minus”).

4. The amount of the 100% Bonus added to the client’s account is included in the client’s trading margin.

5. The 100% Bonus Promotion is applicable to new and existing FXPremax clients.

6. Existing FXPremax clients are eligible to request 100% Bonus only for the new opened MT4 Bonus accounts with 0 balance.

7. The 100% Bonus applies only to 100% Bonus Account account type. Clients can open 100% Bonus Account from the FXPremax Cabinet (

8. The 100% Bonus can be added once and only to one type of FXPremax trading accounts opened by the client during the promotion period.

9. The 100% Bonus can be added to the client’s trading account balance only after receiving by FXPremax client’s deposit in the range from 100 USD to 6000 USD.

10. Maximum leverage for the 100% Bonus account is 1:500

11. Internal transfer to and from Bonus account are limited and subject to the approval.

12. So-called “reverse trading” (arbitrage one side trading) on bonus accounts is strictly prohibited.

“Reverse trading” denotes opening the same position in reverse directions on 2 or more bonus accounts in FXPremax or other. E.g. open 0.1 lot BUY on EURUSD in one account and 0.1 lot SELL on EURUSD in another at the same time. The Client acknowledges that such accounts will be blocked, and bonuses and profits will be canceled.

13. The 100% Bonus Promotion cannot be combined with any other ongoing FXPremax Promotions and Bonuses on the same account.

14. Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the FXPremax’s decision.

15. FXPremax has the right to cancel and/or modify the 100% Bonus Promotion at any time without prior notification.

Withdrawal Conditions

a. The profit gained during the 100% Bonus promotion period can be withdrawn by the client at any time. In that case scenario the amount of the Bonus shall be nullified in the client’s account.

b. The amount of the 100% Bonus can be used as additional margin and cannot be withdrawn or in loss.

c. The client will get the stop out any time his/her balance/equity in loss will reach the amount of the initial deposit.

d. The initial deposit to the Bonus Account can be withdrawn any time from the balance. In that case scenario the amount of the Bonus shall be nullified in the client’s account.

e. From every 20 lots traded client is eligible to request a withdrawal of 100$ within the 1 month from starting participation in the 100% Bonus Promotion.