Becoming a client of our company FXPremax, clients strive to acquire the high status of a professional trader in one of the most profitable but risky markets of the world – in the FOREX market.

Our company meets requirements of the clients and creates comfortable conditions for trading; also it provides a profitable 100% bonus for traders, that deposited from 100$ to 6 000$ on their bonus accounts.

Trading Forex allows the trader to plunge into the world of financial news, to master the ways of assessment and forecasting of currency pairs movement, to understand internal mechanisms of the trading in various markets. In addition to providing its customers with all necessary information and technical tools, FXPremax provides additional financial incentives by delivering various types of bonus accounts. Our company is a modern Forex broker with a 100 bonus forex broker that allows a trader to increase considerably his opportunities at the beginning of the work in the financial market.
100% bonus forex broker

Receive a 100% bonus from a Forex broker

Loyalty to the client, work with a powerful modern platform Meta Trader 4, a variety of financial instruments, the number of tools for technical analysis of the market – we create all these conditions exclusively for the benefit of our traders making them our partners as well. At the same time FXPremax has developed and implemented amazing conditions that will allow customers to receive a 100% bonus from the bonus account opened in our company. Herewith the size of the account itself does not matter, it can be a small deposit of $ 100 or a weighty one of $ 6,000 – in both cases the amount of the deposited funds will be doubled. Receiving a 100% bonus from a Forex broker, a trader has the opportunity to significantly expand the possibilities of his trade deposit, to reduce the risks of the stop out.

Moreover the trader gets an opportunity to trade using a large number of tools that can provide not only additional income but also greatly improve his trading skills. An important factor of trading the bonus account is the psychological component that opens freedom of thought for a trader, that allows him to make the right decision to open or close a position without excessive emotional experiences about the personal deposit.